Digital Boost program for SMEs in Uganda

Through this
initiative, SMEs will gain improved visibility, enhanced customer trust, and the potential for
significant business growth.

Program Details

Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence, Tasai Consultants and ooowebs Limited have launched SME digital Boost program to help 500 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda improve their visibility and credibility on the internet. The program will provide a range of services designed to support these businesses in the digital age. Key components of the program include developing professional websites for each SME to ensure they have a solid online foundation. To improve communication, the program will set up professional email systems, allowing businesses to interact more effectively with their clients and partners. 

The program will also promote the services and products of these SMEs through targeted digital marketing strategies, helping them reach a broader audience and attract more customers. Recognizing the need for ongoing digitsl skills development, the program will offer digital literacy and skills training, equipping SME owners and their staff with the knowledge to utilize digital tools and platforms effectively.

A dedicated technical support team will be on hand to provide assistance with any technical issues that may arise, ensuring that the SMEs can maintain their digital operations without interruption. By providing these resources, the program aims to significantly enhance the online presence of 500 SMEs, enabling them to reach and engage with their customers more effectively, drive business growth, and gain a competitive edge in the increasingly digital market 

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To empower 500 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Uganda with a strong digital presence, enabling them to succeed in the competitive online marketplace, grow sustainably, and contribute to the region’s economic development. Through professional web development, improved communication tools, targeted digital marketing, comprehensive digital literacy training, and dedicated technical support

Starting with 500 SMEs

we envision a future where every SME in Uganda can effectively use the internet to reach and engage with their customers, streamline operations, and achieve lasting success.